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3 Reasons To Consider Metallic Epoxy Flooring

If you have social media, chances are that you have seen the trending material of metallic epoxy flooring. But why is this material trending right now? Well, we know that metallic epoxy or even traditional epoxy floors can be somewhat new to many home or business owners. Today, we are going to be going through 3 of the best reasons why you should consider a metallic epoxy flooring system. From the benefits to the appearance, metallic epoxies deserve to be trending in our opinion!

What Is Metallic Epoxy? Before we get into our reasoning, let’s talk a little about what metallic epoxy is. Metallic epoxies are epoxy systems that have been augmented with metallic pigments to create a shimmering and durable finish. Most metallic pigmented epoxies use a 2 part system which includes epoxy resin and hardeners which helps the epoxy dry and become hard. But with metallic pigmentation, metallic pigments are implemented during the mixing process and/or in the application process to create different effects in the coating. We will talk a little more about finishes that can be created down below.

Reason 1- The Finishes Metallic epoxy floor coatings have become one of the most popular coating systems on the internet for the dazzling finishes that they can create. To achieve different coatings, brushes, solvents and sometimes blowers are used to manipulate the material into curing a certain way. With these different methods, finishes that mimic the appearance of clouds, waves, and lava can be achieved when using the assistance of a professional contractor. What most people don’t know is that since the complex chemical reactions that take place in the flooring solutions are so sporadic, no two metallic epoxies will be the same, not even by the same contractor.

Reason 2- The Benefits Most people think that metallic epoxy floors are a decorative floor coating so it doesn’t offer the same benefits as traditional epoxy and are rather fragile. But the truth is that metallic coatings are meant to be installed with the 100% solid epoxy system, the most durable epoxy on the market. This means that metallic epoxies offer the benefits of a flooring system meant to be installed in commercial or industrial settings. Benefits of this floor coating include simplistic maintenance, a long service life, and resistance to common forms of damage. Down below, you will find some of the benefits of using metallic epoxy:

  • Chemical And Stain Resistance

  • Extremely Hygienic

  • 10-30 Years Of Service (depending on where it’s used)

  • Slip and Skid Resistance

  • Simplistic Maintenance

  • Versatility Of Areas It Can Be Implemented

Reason 3- Investment Factors The final reason we will be covering today is the investment opportunities that epoxy flooring offers. From making a garage more attractive, increasing curb appeal or to increasing the lifespan of your concrete slab, there are many ways that epoxy can increase the value of your home. One of the major investments that you can make with epoxy is the process of basement waterproofing, which will protect your basement from water damage, waterborne bacteria like mold and mildew or protect the actual foundation of your home from the effects of expansion or contraction. Another area epoxies can be used in investments is concrete resurfacing which can bring a return investment of up to 70%, increasing the value of your home by upwards of 5% Well, there you have it, 3 reasons why you should consider metallic epoxy flooring. If you are considering metallic epoxies, make sure to only have them installed by professional contractors. Untrained installers will not know how to achieve specific finishes, leaving you with a bloated mess. No matter which coating you choose for your concrete, we wish you the best of luck in all of your future projects!

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