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We understand that pricing is one of the most important factors when you are planning a home improvement project. That's why we provide free, no obligation, on-site estimates to every potential customer. Every project is unique, and we work with all budgets. Our flooring experts will show you everything we offer and help you choose the best flooring solution to fit your needs and style.


Product pricing is posted on our Flooring Options​ page, and a Square Footage calculator is available for you on each product page, which will give you an idea of what your project's base cost would be.   

How Much Does It Cost

How much per square foot?          How much for a 2-car garage?            Can you give me a ballpark price?

To get a base price for your project, see our Flooring Options page.

In our 20 plus years of being in this business, we know with certainty that every project, customer, home and business is unique. We have learned that the way to give our customers the best service and the most accurate information and pricing is to send one of our flooring experts to you, where they can provide a consultation. 

The consultation process takes about 30 minutes. A representative will measure and assess the area, go over the process and show samples that you can touch and actually see and feel what the final result will be, and answer all of your questions. 

At the end of that free, no obligation visit, our flooring expert will give you a final price that is good for 1 year, unless otherwise noted. 

That final price is not just a matter of square footage. There are a number of aspects that can affect your final price.

project size

The larger a space is, the more coating will be needed and the more time it will take to prepare and coat it. Our representative will measure all the areas you wish to have coated and calculate the total square footage.  If you have a large area to coat, we can sometimes even offer  a lower price per square foot.


Most concrete we inspect has flaws. It can be a crack, pitting, peeling, or lifting. Each floor is unique, but any damage needs to be repaired before we can get started on the coating. Generally, the older the floor is, the more work will be needed to make it ready. 

existing coating

Is there already a coating on the floor? Is there glue and residue left behind from carpeting or tile? Has the floor been painted or have a water proofing primer on it? We usually find that these coatings are already peeling, flaking, and coming apart. Just like damaged concrete, damaged coatings will need to be removed before we can apply a new coating. 

Payment Choice

We accept all major credit cards for payment, however there is a charge for using a credit card.  Some customers prefer to pay 50% at the time of signing the contract and 50% at the end of the job, while others pay 100% up front. The payment option you choose will have some effect on how much your total cost is. 

Make your dream a reality!

Choose Central Epoxy Flooring for superior craftsmanship, unrivaled durability, and a partnership built on trust. Experience the difference that our flooring systems can make in transforming your space into a masterpiece.

We believe in making the process as convenient as possible. Take advantage of our complimentary onsite and virtual estimates, allowing you to receive accurate pricing and expert advice without leaving your home or business.

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